We are Freshly Styl'd, and we are creating a buzz in NYC with that fallalery aka junk jewelry! #AMA

Freshly Styl'd
Feb 9, 2018

We got influencers hitting us up big & small and will be featured in a few magazines coming up later this year. We are Freshly Styl'd a bunch of millennials in NYC selling costume jewelry that matches any & everyone's style. We are style junkies by nature & fashionista by profession. Ask us anything!



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What does your creative process look like for coming up with new designs and collections?

Feb 16, 5:34PM EST0

How do you strike a balance between quality and price?

Feb 16, 4:22PM EST0

How do you stay fresh? How do you avoid running out of ideas, and stay creative?

Feb 15, 6:36PM EST0

Would you ever collaborate with other online retailers? Or perhaps with ecommerce giants like Amazon?

Feb 14, 5:56AM EST0

We would try to stay away from the big guys as long as possible. Just because we want to be unique and want to serve our customers outright. Obviously, if our demand does begin to overwhelm us we will have to then possibly outsource some of our work load. Hopefully, we can handle it all the way. 

Feb 14, 6:15PM EST0

What's your personal taste like on jewelry? Would you wear what you're selling?

Feb 13, 11:53PM EST0

We wouldn't be selling it if we wouldn't wear it. 

We believe all our pieces are items you can see the casual person or the busy 9 to 5 individual. We stand by all of our items. 

Our taste varies between trendy, chic, boho, & artsy. We usually are a combination of good days and just feel like one on other days. 

Feb 14, 6:11PM EST0

What are your thoughts about Kanye West’s fashion sense - trendy and current or simply overrated?

Feb 12, 8:23PM EST0

I feel it's a hit or miss when it comes to West. 


We feel the majority of his items are well suited for the homeless collection while some of the others were world changing. 

Case in point the Yeezy Boost 350 opened a new landscape to designing sneakers with tubular soles. You can see Adidas made a bunch and other brands have also. 

He's definitely in his own creative bubble for sure. 

It's really a toss-up between trendy & overrated for us. 

Feb 14, 6:06PM EST0

Do you think the excessive bling and diamonds we saw especially worn by hiphop artists like Missy Elliot back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s is a trend that’s set to come back in the near future?

Feb 12, 4:21PM EST0

Oh yes, we definitely believe it'll come back. A lot of the times the vintage styles come back and are just recycled with modern day looks. Especially the gaudy & overaccessorize pieces. They were staples & made a person stand out. It's always about defining your look for us. 

Feb 14, 6:02PM EST0

What can you say about overpriced fashion products especially when it comes to sneakers in the resale market?

Feb 12, 10:09AM EST0

It's not to our personal taste but there's a market for everything. Obviously, accessories can be parted a million different ways in a multitude of avenues. In all honesty, it's all about how you procure the items. If your able to get these unique & rare items at extremely low cost reselling them isn't the problem. The main issue is figuring out what's real or not especially if you're not familiar with this area or aren't buying them physically. I'd say the sneaker market is very good as you'll always find lovers especially when new sneakers or limited editions are rolling out. 

Feb 14, 6:00PM EST0

How do you connect to the influencers online? Do you approach them directly with your product line or do you send newsletters/mails etc? What's the process like?

Feb 10, 6:30AM EST0

We do reach out to influencers online.

Whether it's facebook or instagram. 

We usually write them a message saying we'd like to work with them and show them our stuff. Basically trying to bridge a gap. We have products that fit your style & you have a style that fits our products. It's usually a win-win situation because who doesn't like free products most of the time. 

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Feb 10, 9:56AM EST0

Who do you think is the most fashionably influential person/celebrity in the entertainment world and why?

Feb 10, 3:08AM EST0

I would say there are so many styles & personalities in fashion to mention. 

I would say it all depends on what type of style your referring too. 

The styles we like thus far come from Bella Hadid & Rihanna. 

Bella has brought back the denim vibe down to Ksenia Schnaider remaking a denim line in appreciation of Bella. Her style is unique and she tries to combine trendy & vintage in her outfits. 

Rihanna look is more star studded but uncoventional in its own light. She is known for trying different things & different styles. Fashion is very risky and its all about stepping outside your comfort zone. Both of these ladies happen to embody that. I think their unique perspective have helped some new styles come into existence. 

Feb 10, 9:55AM EST0

How can one start an online fashion store if they are good at creating fashion pieces like bags and they want to sell them online?

Feb 8, 8:05PM EST0

Well I would first ask the person is their a specific niche with the piece they make? 

For example, someone who made handmade bracelets & necklaces out of semi-precious stones or gemstones. That is very SPECIFIC and easier to target an audience looking for those items and only interested in those items. In comparison to someone who just is targeting only jewelry lovers. Basically know who your audience is first & who your trying to target. I feel that was the hardest bridge for us to cross starting FS'D. 

Feb 10, 9:44AM EST0

How do you plan to boost online rankings for your fashion website?

Feb 7, 10:57PM EST0

Well it's definitely not an easy task. Especially in the realm of multi-million dollar companies that can afford to pump 100's of dollars on a daily in marketing funds vs a smaller operation like ourselves. I think it's all about organically making that connection in the right light with the right crowd. So how are we trying to trying to do this?

1. Facebook Marketing 

2. Reddit post in our related areas

3. Doing pop-up shops in NYC.

4. Working with more influencers, bloggers & individuals in our area. 

5. Getting featured on magazines & press.

6. Getting out their via word of mouth or referrals. 

7. Adwords/ Ranking up in SEO in our topics. 

Feb 10, 9:40AM EST0

What is your process for creating the jewelry pieces?

Feb 6, 3:00PM EST0

Well we get our items manufactured for us overseas. Either we usually come up with a mock draft of what we want or we usually choose from our manufacturer catalog & pick pieces that fit our theme. 

Feb 10, 9:30AM EST0

Where do you see your business in next one, three and five years?

Feb 6, 11:28AM EST0

By 2019 FSD we will have continued to gather an engaged audience and a stronger foothold in our niche of curated fashion accessories collections. 

Three years out we hope to have duplicated our model of success to other fashion business ventures. While securing these subsequent project under the Freshly Styl'd brand.

And by fives years we should be on our way as serving as an incubator for fashion design talent and collaborate with more established designers on collection for Freshly Styl'd. This vision for the future might also include a venture into a brick-and-mortar presence, and collaboration with brands that primarily operate as an in-store channel.  

Feb 9, 11:36PM EST0

How do you decide what kind of material work well together for a particular jewelry design, and which ones do not?

Feb 6, 10:57AM EST0

There's no hard and fast rule on what materials won't pair well, what we instead look for are pieces that meld well and are nicely done. Any two designers rendering of satin and gold will likely produce pretty different final products. 

At FSD we curate for pieces that marry materials in a harmony. These are the kinds of accessories that bring a certain energy of uniqueness, make a statement, or are playful etc. 

Feb 9, 11:06PM EST0

What does a typical day look like for at Freshly Styl'd?

Feb 6, 9:14AM EST0

This would depend on one's role. We don't really have titles here but certainly specialized skill sets that lend themselves better to tasks that fit the many moving parts of a fashion accessories business. 

As lean and young company individuals on the FSD team can wear multiple hats and operate in different capacities. I'm a Creative. As such I do some procuring, some outreach to designers and stylist and write some copy. 

But I also hop on social media to interact with our audience from time to time. I get to be creative at FSD every day and that's awesome. 

Feb 9, 11:01PM EST0

Tell us about your design style. What makes your collections unique in the industry?

Feb 6, 8:48AM EST0

Our perspective is what makes us unique. As a team, our origins span the globe and the spectrum of human experience. From humble and hyperlocal to foreign and extravagant. 

These contradicting things marry to inform our aesthetic. Coincidently our process for curating a collection of accessories or selecting the designers we choose to work with also reflects the vast influences of the city we come from. 

Its very meta in the sense of a mix of cultures and influences coming together in a very culturally mixed city, both ultimately result in something that is wholly new. 

Feb 9, 10:53PM EST1

How did you come up with the name for your company?

Feb 6, 8:08AM EST0

That's a great question. Coming up with the name didn't take long. We wanted something that evoked what we do. 

We liked the 'fresh' in Freshly Styl'd for a few reasons, being that we wanted to refresh or offer an update on what you might find from other fast fashion or department stores. And fresh in the sense of colloquial hip-hop culture. 

We're from New York, which many accept as the birthplace of hip-hop, in our community to be fresh is always a good thing. 

And Styl'd is the service of what we offer and why we got started. The people who work on FSD are the ones in their friend group who always get asked about what they're wearing and where their accessories can be found. Styling, or curating what to wear was something that we were already doing. 

As such Freshly Styl'd was born. 

Feb 9, 10:46PM EST0

You seem to draw inspiration from trendy and chic fashion trends, what draws you to this?

Feb 6, 5:29AM EST0

What draws us to seek out the chic is the same thing that draws anyone to a trend. People will elevate things that are good, mostly, and they catch on like wildfire. A good trend is accessible and easily duplicated. 

If statement hoop earrings are making women who wear them feel beautiful and we curate a collection of pieces that are affordable, unique and flattering that's our way of participating. 

Trends also locate us and say a lot about personal style. It says 'I'm in the know' or comfortable enough in your own style to rock something every other guy is wearing but make it look especially good on me. 

Feb 9, 10:38PM EST0

What role do you think social media plays in fashion today?

Feb 6, 1:19AM EST0

Social media plays a tremendous role in not only our industry but most any other. 

We are a visual culture and platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook play into this where Twitter touches on the instantaneousness we have come to expect information or to interact.  Fashion's medium is especially visual and we're constantly fed beautiful, polished images. 

I think for brands the challenge of social is having a genuine interaction with your audience and standing out above the clutter. If you can do these things as a fashion brand you're on the way to mastering social media. With these, the numbers, and clout will come. 

By the way, we're @freshlystyld on every platform :)

Feb 9, 10:30PM EST0

What do you think how is fashion industry evolving every year? Are we going back to old fashion trends or bringing new styles of mixing both new and old world of fashion?

Feb 5, 11:14AM EST0

Frankly, I believe there's nothing new under the sun. What's out of fashion will come right back around again. It's not so much what's in, but when. 

Knowing this, timing is everything. You can ride the wake and be so on brand, so on trend but FSD likes to set outside of this a bit, at least one look ahead. By the time everyone is wearing something is done. 

So we interpret the trend, adding a twist. 

We love mixing aesthetics of things that individually you might not pair but in the context of an outfit, the season and occasion create just the right look. We want to do more to visualize this process of interpreting where we're at in fashion and where we're headed. 

Feb 9, 10:23PM EST0

Can you share a little background, how did Freshly Styl’d come into existence?

Feb 5, 6:41AM EST0

The team at Freshly Styl'd came together to make this project a reality out of demand. In NYC there isn't much that stops and gets the attention of fellow city dwellers. But members of our team were being constantly approached and complimented on the things we wore. With people asking where they could find the cool oversized glasses, vintage brooches, eye-catching earrings, etc; we were wearing. 

Being the friends that we are, we got to talking and realized that we each had these experiences in common and thought what if we could just curate a collection of accessories that people could shop? In our circles, we were the 'tastemakers'.

Our backgrounds are all over the place, from West Africa to the West Coast and we think that's representative of New York and what makes our aesthetic so attractive.   

Feb 9, 10:17PM EST0

What has been the most important step Freshly Styl'd have taken in making your business successful?

Feb 5, 4:11AM EST0

Investing resources. That's when it 'got real', and we mean this is more than the sense of allocating and spending your marketing budget. But presenting our platform to fashion designers, stylist, and even moving beyond an online presence. 

Taking such steps requires esteem from others in the industry, If we could get them looking at us, then working with us we knew we were on the right track. Being confident was an initial step to wanting to share the project with others. 

We have also had to do a lot of educating ourselves on the business aspects of what we do. Luckily people on the team are acquainted with business models as our and marketing. Knowing more and more about these areas makes a big difference. 

Feb 9, 10:07PM EST0

Where do you go for inspiration when working on a new line?

Feb 4, 6:51PM EST0

Many, many a place. The most recent example that comes to mind is the Whitney Museum. Uniquely American and New York. But also a neighborhood vegan spot where a certain dish can awaken the senses and get you looking at the details. 

Depending on what you need to refocus you can likely find it in this city. That fact in itself inspires us. 

Feb 9, 10:00PM EST0

What advice would you give to someone interested in getting into the jewelry design business?

Feb 4, 3:30PM EST0

At FSD we see ourselves more as curators. We know who we are and our unique place in the world, and in the city informs our eye for fashion accessories. 

One big thing seems to be knowing yourself and relating that to others. If you are authentic and design, collect or curate from a real place you will appeal to real people. 

Also, seek out like-minded people. Most of our team is professionally trained in other fields, so this venture meant seeking out other people in the fashion world. Your peers can be your best resource. 

Feb 9, 9:53PM EST0

How many people are currently working in the team? And how does it feel to work with different types of creative people in the team?

Feb 3, 5:41AM EST0

At FSD we are a small, very close-knit team under 10 and frankly, it feels like family. We do everything together. One of the things we set out to do was to be ever inspired by the city around so we plan things like museum visits and exploring cultural icons around the city.

Working with other creatives to get one coherent vision for a brand can be a challenge. But at FSD we tap into our audience when curating collections, most often the team is on the same page. 

Feb 9, 9:48PM EST0

What's next? What's your vision for the future of your brand?

Feb 2, 11:31PM EST0

We have our sights set on Spring in so many ways. We anticipate working with more fashion designers and people from the creative scenes in New York, such as musicians, artists, and other super passionate folks to come up with something really inspired. 

New collections and ways to interact with us are on the horizon!

Feb 9, 9:42PM EST0

Name a time when your team's creativity and alternative thinking solved a problem in deciding the design for your products.

Feb 2, 5:34PM EST0

Speaking in terms of an equation the 'problem' designers and brands are trying to solve for is connecting with their audience. This is an on-going drive.

We want to design or curate around them as it fits our aesthetic, brand story and personality. So that means talking to people, engaging with metrics, analytics and attribution models. 

We're also super chatty on social media. You will find us in many a comment section on Instagram gushing over things we find beautiful and engaging, and otherwise just talking to strangers. 

Feb 9, 9:39PM EST0

What are some new pieces you are working on? Any hint of the new line of collection?

Feb 2, 2:13PM EST0

We are always looking for pieces that inspire and fit a certain aesthetic that is unique to our brand. Right now NYFW, Spring, and signature looks are some of the things in consideration for our new collection. 

We will also be working with more New York-based designers and personalities which we are thrilled about! 

Stay tuned!

Feb 9, 9:33PM EST0

Which celebrity style do you covet the most and why?

Feb 2, 12:54PM EST0

This is a tough one because the FSD team can't quite come to a consensus :P if anything it would be a mixture of a few celebrities. 

Something like Sophia Loren, Beyonce, Kali Uchis, meets George Clooney. This group embodies something classic, bold, beautiful. But its adaptable style that isn't afraid to update and upgrade, and is also new, novel and playful. 

We want to possess those same things.  

Feb 9, 9:30PM EST0

What are some of the upcoming trends in the jewelry design industry?

Feb 2, 8:28AM EST0

In our humble opinion and what seems to be a lit in the industry are layers, precious metals, asymmetrial designs, statement anything (necklaces, earrings, the bigger and bolder the better!), midi and pinky rings. 

Some things are classic and never go out of style, but the above mentioned you can expect to see all year long. 

Feb 9, 9:18PM EST0

How important is Fashion Week for your business? Do you draw lot of ideas out of the fashion trends showcased in these Fashion Weeks?

Feb 1, 11:32PM EST0

We're in New York City so there is absolutely a buzz and different energy when fashion week comes around. 

It is important for inspiration and to see the waning or waxing of certain trends in the industry by designers presenting their collections. NYFW is something we try to be conscious of when curating our own collections. 

Feb 9, 9:13PM EST0
Who do you envision wearing your work? Do you think about this when you work on designs?
Feb 1, 11:31PM EST0

Our work is for the people. Those that feel inspired by the things that they wear and are daring enough to try a new look or something unique. 

Our collection is by design. Many of the pieces you can mix and match and still present a bold and beautiful style. Some fit a niche, like bohemian, vintage, trendy but always original. 

Feb 9, 9:08PM EST0