We're Sarah and Sabrina, also known as Samechick on instagram and our blog. We're twins ,interrested in fashion and making trends.Ask us anything!

Nov 13, 2017

The goal of this is to share what I'm currently thinking about in terms of trends, a garment or accessory, street fashion, or something that I've seen on television or a magazine. Also, I would like to share a few fashion tips and creative projects that I'm working on, have done, or planning to do .

As fashion bloggers and models for over 6 years now, we'll be answering your questions concerning fashion trends, to do and not to, makeup advices , and certains tips about blogging and how to get popular on social media 


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Wow please can you share your twitter handle ?

Nov 14, 11:39AM EST0

Sure dear:



Nov 14, 2:23PM EST0

Is it good to have a twin?

Nov 14, 8:39AM EST0

Imagine having a bestfriend that u can completly trust like family.. it's great to have a twin

Nov 14, 2:21PM EST0

Where is your main audience from?

Nov 13, 3:06PM EST0

Middle east and Africa mostly ,but not limited to that

Nov 13, 3:26PM EST0

Do you think you will be doing the same in 5-10 years?

Nov 13, 2:40PM EST0

The same concept , but on a higher level hopefully

Nov 13, 3:25PM EST0

What gave you the idea for blogging and why did you pick fashion?

Nov 13, 9:02AM EST0

Since we were kids we used to draw designs, sew clothes for our dolls, this passion grew with us now we design for ourselves, and people around us encouraged us to start a blog.

Nov 13, 10:39AM EST0

Do you design clothes yourself?

Nov 13, 5:36AM EST0

Yeah we design some of our clothes ourselves , and sometimes we buy clothes and make some modifications ..but we wear clothes of other brands.

Nov 13, 6:10AM EST0

How many followers do you have on social networks and how did you get them?

Nov 13, 5:22AM EST0

We mainly use instagram , we made one account for both of us ,we have now almost 45k followers, which we got by communicating with people in different countries, moving alot during this period , and as twins we always attract the attention which make people curious to get to know us.. and finally i can thank some of my famous friends for shoutouts and fashion pages in my country

Nov 13, 6:14AM EST0

Do you use much makeup? Do you apply it yourself or have someone doing it for you?

Nov 12, 9:55PM EST0

I don't really like using makeup everyday to help my skin rest and breath till the weekend, i apply makeup when i go out and for parties ..and i always applied it myself except for some photoshoots that prefered to use their own artist.

Nov 13, 6:18AM EST0

Do you have jobs or this is your only source of income?

Nov 12, 5:33PM EST0

I'm a student , i don't work currently .. this is not exactly a source of income for the moment, it's more like gaining experience and profile. But occasionally it gets some profits from photoshoots and some promotions

Nov 13, 6:21AM EST0

Which social network would you say is best for fashion bloggers?

Nov 12, 12:55PM EST0

Instagram ,because it's like presenting your album with different style on different days, but if you promote products that you'd wish for people to instantly start orderin then it should be snapchat now

Nov 13, 6:38AM EST0

Where are you from?

Nov 12, 10:52AM EST0

From Tunisia (mom' side) and Syria (dad's)

Nov 13, 6:38AM EST0

Where do you get tips for the latest trends in fashion?

Nov 12, 8:47AM EST0

Social medias like weheartit ,lookbook ,myfashdiary ,some magazines ,some fashion bloggers like Micah Gianneli , Inessa M, Milla Jasmine .. Most times we actually set our own trends ,we get inspired and make clothes that are not really available in the stores so we could be wearing things that no one is

Nov 13, 6:47AM EST0

What is your favourite brand for clothing?

Nov 12, 5:13AM EST0

You can't actually limit yourself in one brand ,better to combine everything and put your own touch on it . For bags i like LV and Gucci ,for coats Zara and Bsk , for sportwear Adidas ..

Nov 13, 6:52AM EST0

How are you marketing your blog?

Nov 12, 4:52AM EST0

Out blog is currently not for business , until we get more experience and opportunities 

Nov 13, 6:53AM EST0

Do you get paid to promote products?

Nov 12, 4:48AM EST0


Nov 13, 6:53AM EST0

Are you professional models?

Nov 12, 4:31AM EST0

We used to model before gettin into medschool , so now we are only photomodels

Nov 13, 6:54AM EST0

What are you working on at the moment?

Nov 12, 1:08AM EST0

On lunching our own designs which combines the arabic and african traditional wear with modern fashion

Nov 13, 6:55AM EST0

Have you worked with some famous brands?

Nov 11, 8:13PM EST0

We have worked with famous local brands not international 

Nov 13, 6:55AM EST0

What do you most often argue about?

Nov 11, 6:01PM EST0

We don't really argue cause we like the same things ,and we have strong telepathy .. so our only problem could be who should make the coffee in the morning ,lol

Nov 13, 6:57AM EST0

What motivated you guys ?

Nov 11, 3:39PM EST0

Since we were in highschool everyone liked our style and sense of fashion ,it motivated us to stay on that level and create new things ,also some friends actually came up with the blog idea and put us into it

Nov 13, 6:59AM EST0
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